Thursday, December 2, 2010

This'll Be Quick

Have you ever felt as though you were living in a proverbial prison? I guess in many ways we all are but the funny thing is...we choose some of our prison cells. And even though we have the key to the door, we choose to stay within that cell because of the sense of security within, no matter how minute or nonexistent as well as foolish that security may seem.

Some of us will even go as far as appointing ourselves a warden because us being our own warden is not good enough. We deem ourselves unfit to police our own lives, therefore, incapable of taking on such a task as keeping ourselves in line, even if being out of line has never been a problem before. As a result of our feeling inadequate to ourselves, we choose someone else to be adequate enough for us. In doing so, giving that someone the power to dictate our comings and goings, watching our every move, inadvertently shaping our lives, from associations to attitude, right down to the very minute of each activity of everyday.

Some wardens we appoint are simply abusive to the umpteenth degree, others are just intimidating. Others still will control us in others ways...whether knowingly or not...manipulating their resources to grab hold of us or even strengthen the firm grip they already have. ...And we allow it... Why? For that false sense of security, maybe...or fear...or maybe we're simply gluttons for punishment. Everyone has their own reasons I suppose although not many of us know them right off hand. It's something that has to be pondered in order to be figured out.

What is the point of all this...where is this coming from? I couldn't tell you where it's coming from or the point. All I know is this is valid for most of us in many ways.

There are some cells we have no control over as far as our being in them or not. I mean not every aspect of our lives do we have complete control over...or any control for that matter. Life continues to prove that to all of us. But some things we can control and some cells we do choose making things harder on ourselves than it should or is meant to be. I say to us all...STOP IT...we are already prisoners, slaves to this system. Let's not lock ourselves up and be unnecessary prisoners of everything else within that system. Set Yourself Free. Be as free as you possibly can be. Demand your freedom. I know...easier said than done, right? But you must, for your sanity, as well as your happiness, depends on it.

~Sanity Is Within Reach...Grab It~
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